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Types of Membership

Regular Membership
More than 75 New Jersey-based companies including BASF, Infineum USA, LP, Dow Chemical Company, Merck & Co., Church & Dwight, IFF, and DuPont are active members of CCNJ. Large or small, if you are part of New Jersey's chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, flavor & fragrance, consumer product, or precious metal industries, we urge you to join the leading companies in your business by participating in CCNJ as a regular member.

The Chemistry Council of New Jersey accepts into its regular membership companies that:
  • Manufacture chemicals or allied products in New Jersey;
  • Operate facilities in a manner protecting the environment and the health and safety of their employees and the public;
  • Accept a leadership role in educating and informing their employees, contractors and the public regarding the benefits and risks, both real and perceived, found in the business of chemistry;
  • Make health, safety and environmental considerations a top priority in the planning of all existing and new products and processes; and
  • Actively participate in CCNJ activities in support of the organization's Mission.
Associate Membership
Associate members include firms that offer products and services to those companies in the business of chemistry. Through membership, their participation in Council programs, their technical expertise and their exhibits at our Annual Conference, these members play an important role in supporting the long-term interest of the industry and the Mission of the CCNJ.
For more membership information and cost contact Elvin Montero at 609-392-4214.


The Chemistry Council of New Jersey (CCNJ) represents the interests of more than 85 New Jersey manufacturers in the business of chemistry. The Council’s mission is to advance member interests, operational and environmental excellence, science education and community outreach in New Jersey.

The CCNJ also creates value by serving as an advocate and voice for the business of chemistry in the New Jersey legislative and regulatory arenas. The Council’s proactive efforts to advance the interests of its membership have earned the CCNJ a reputation for strong and effective advocacy throughout the state of New Jersey. The CCNJ also works to advance public and media understanding of how the products of chemistry enable and enhance our modern lifestyle.

Benefits of Membership

Early Warnings on Emerging Issues Affecting New Jersey's Business of Chemistry

CCNJ staff monitor legislative and regulatory developments in New Jersey and communicate early warnings to members through CCNJ’s e-mail alert system. Also, the CCNJ posts all breaking news to the members-only CCNJ website on a timely basis. In addition, through our monthly electronic newsletter, Chemuniqué, members are regularly informed of governmental activities that impact their businesses.  

Depth Analysis/Discussion of Issues

CCNJ is a member-driven organization. Our standing committees include Environment, Health & Safety, Legislative, and Outreach. These key committees provide vital forums for members to discuss issues, both immediate and developing, that affect New Jersey companies in the business of chemistry. The members of these committees help develop strategies to communicate the benefits of the business of chemistry and to advocate the organization’s positions to public policy developers.

Lobbying and Regulatory Expertise

CCNJ staff maintain close working relationships with members of the New Jersey State Legislature, the executive branch of government, regulatory agencies and others influencing public policy in New Jersey. CCNJ effectively advocates the interests of its members because of the credibility the Council has earned by decades of honest, focused dealings. The result is that the Council has the attention of state leaders on a variety of environmental, business, economic development and other issues affecting the business of chemistry.

Ability to Work in Coordination with Other Companies on Major Issues

Led by the CCNJ, member companies work together on issues of major importance to their business in New Jersey. This is accomplished through CCNJ standing committees, special work groups and joint lobbying initiatives. Examples of areas where CCNJ has improved the working environment for its members include environmental and regulatory issues, plant security, community outreach, emergency response and health & safety issues.

Forums for Interfacing with Legislators and Regulators

CCNJ provides numerous forums throughout the year where key legislators, regulators, and other policy makers meet our members to discuss their concerns on major issues. From committee meetings to annual forums to political fund raising events, all the organization’s activities are geared to maximize members’ abilities to interface with leaders who can help solve their problems.

Annual Conference

This major New Jersey industry event provides members with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments affecting their businesses, get updates on legislative and regulatory issues, participate in seminars directly related to their businesses and interact with the state’s legislative and administration officials.

Energy Purchasing Program

CCNJ’s Energy Aggregation Program provides participating members with unique opportunities to manage their energy price risk through a variety of product choices and independent expert advice.  Members are able to choose from the full range of supply structures, from 100% Fixed-Price to Block-and-Index with Incremental Block purchases. Members that have participated in our energy aggregation program since its inception in 1999 continue to save on their energy costs. Collectively, participating companies have saved more than $100 million on energy costs or about $166,666 on average per year for the last 15 years.  This past winter those savings were increased by more than $5 million.  CCNJ’s Energy Aggregation Program is an excellent opportunity for members to realize cost savings in purchasing electricity for their facilities in New Jersey, and any company facility within the PJM grid.

Your Office in Trenton

CCNJ's office, located at 150 West State Street, across from the State Capitol and within a few minutes' walk of major state agencies, is the “Trenton Office” that members call for personalized help and information about a multitude of issues affecting them. In addition, CCNJ maintains a private office for the use of member company personnel when in Trenton on business.