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01/10/2015: 2 N.J. bills would do more harm to environment than good: Opinion
By Hal Bozarth, John Galandak and Jeff Tittel Although the business and environmental communities often are on opposite sides in public policy debates, one question experts in both communities rely upon when reviewing legislation is, "does this measure create reasonable policy that better protects society?"

02/14/2013: New Jersey’s water must be protected for everyone, by everyone
The recommendations made by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP) Drinking Water Quality Institute (DWQI) are of critical importance and affect us all. Such a body should base its work on sound science, have representation from all stakeholders, and be comprised of individuals with academic and professional experience that allow them to fully consider and understand all available science. That is why I believe that openness, sound science, and transparency should be the underpinnings of DWQI’s process or of any regulatory process.

10/10/2008: OpEd: New president needs to create chemistry with industry
For President-elect Barack Obama, getting elected might have been the easy part. Now he, and the new Congress, must grapple with a deep and complex financial crisis.

02/29/2008: OpEd: NJ industry and citizens can be energized by another kind of stimulus package: A return of $5 billion to PSEG customers
The Federal government has approved a stimulus package with the hopes of stimulating the economy and preventing a recession. But New Jersey has an opportunity to offer a unique stimulus package of its own that would benefit consumers and industry alike.