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Preliminary Registration to Access the CCNJ Website

The Chemistry Council of New Jersey Website is for member companies only. The content on the CCNJ Website is available only to the employees of member companies. Employees wishing to gain access must complete the registration form below to verify the authenticity of your request.

If you are not an employee at a CCNJ member company, or if you are a member of the media or general public seeking more information about CCNJ, please direct your inquiry to emontero<at>chemistrycouncilnj<dot>org.

To begin the registration process, complete the preliminary Website registration form below and press the Register Now button to send your information to CCNJ.

Once the CCNJ receives your request, we may contact you via e-mail or phone to verify that you are an employee at a regular or associate member company. Once verified, you will receive full access to the site. Please, allow 24-48 hours to process your request to access the CCNJ Website. This is not an automatic process.

If your company is not a member of the CCNJ, and you would like more information, please visit our Join Us page in the About Us section. Most of the content in the About Us section is accessible by the public.

Thank you for your interest in CCNJ!